Trudy’s Favorite Flock Block Recipe

Another one of my passions is cooking.  One day this last fall I had a very long conversation with the girls about life in general.  The conversation for some reason got steered towards menu selections. While current epicurean delights were good, yes they really like the green horned worms, washed down with a nice 2 day old aged, imported ACV and water (ACV-apple cider vinegar imported from California and water from chez tap) they were requesting a larger variety of choices.  Trudy told me while she was on the computer she came across a recipe for Baked Flock Block served with a side of dirt with a sprinkling of compost. How can anyone resist such a cute face as this?

Chicken uses the copier

Trudy and I Research Together

So we started researching through all of my vast resources for the perfect recipe for them. I came across a number of recipes, but they just weren’t quite flavorful enough in Trudy’s opinion, and we all know how discriminating their palates can be. So we conspired and came up with the perfect one.

I have decided to share this very exacting, flavorful recipe because as the girls said

“one needs to share a masterpiece so that all may enjoy this delight. “

The Recipe

This recipe must be followed exactly or it will taste different than our creation (remember discriminating tastes).

You start out with about two cups of layer feed

approximately two cups of scratch

add in maybe two cups of black oil sunflower seeds

One cupish of millet

a large handful of kamut

Kamut in Flock Block

two half cups of corn meal

two slightly heaping cups of steel cut oats

one and halfish handfuls of wheat berries

and whatever you have leftover of crimson clover (sounds like a song to me),

Flock Block with Crimson Clover

about a half a cups worth of flaxseed,

a couple of very beaten eggs with crushed shells (no they will not become egg eaters),

about two cups of molasses,

two tablespoons of cinnamon

half cup of lard (from the east Himalayan yak, not the west side, they bite or from the grocery store whichever is easier to find) or any other food oil.

Flock block adding lard

Put all this into a large fine crystal bowl or a plastic bucket or something in between, whatever works for you.

Mix thoroughly.  If it doesn’t hold together when squeezed, add a couple of chopped up slices of bread moisten with water.

Mixing up Flock Block

You can add about a cup of marigold petals if want a darker yellow yolk.

Now, something to remember that is very very important, if you don’t let your girls read these articles you can very easily get away with changing this recipe to whatever you have in stock.  You can kick it up 2.5 notches (“kick it up a notch” was already taken) and add fruit like pomegranate seeds or chopped apple or even chopped pear.

After you have prepared this, it is time to make the blocks.  With the help of my lovely assistant I scoop up the mix and firmly squash it (like that squash bug that in three hours destroyed your very last zucchini plant before you could get a single vegetable off of it, but I digress) into cupcake tins.

Flock Block Mold in Cupcake Tins

I just use the cupcake tins as a mold.  Once they are squashed in there tightly, I upside down them onto a cookie sheet.


Place in the oven for about 1 hour at 375 degrees. Remove from the oven and let the blocks cool down.  Yes, you can make them in 8” x 8” blocks and put them into suet holders.  After they cool down they should be very firm.

If they are not and break up you can rename them”Baked Seed Crumbles” and serve it on a pie tin and they will never know the truth.

I have to leave now, my wife says it is time to take my meds or I can’t play with the girls anymore. It is amazing how much clearer my thoughts are when I am off my medication.

Oops, the girls are trying to get into the house.

Chickens want Flock Blocks

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  1. Barbie says:

    You mad me laugh. I really enjoy my chickens and I will let you know if Lucy and Wendigo approve…

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