Meet the “Girls”


She is a beautiful golden colored Orpington with a very short comb. She doesn’t mind being held for short periods of time. Her name describes her perfectly and my son figured that out within minutes.  She is the first to try something, go someplace new and climb to the highest point.  She was the first to go up our five foot retaining wall.  She is the only one that climbs up on top of the coop and then hops onto the top of the run.  She likes to oversee the crew.

Climb, A golden Orpington on


Mabel and Trudy are sisters and the only way to tell them apart is their combs.  Mabel’s comb is taller.  Personality wise, it is very easy to tell them apart.  Mabel is the first one to the door when it is opened.  She is the one who likes to come in and investigate.  If we aren’t careful, we will find her hiding in the corner under my desk after the door is closed.  She hides very quietly until Big Tex our Yorkie outs her.

Mabel, A Red Star on


Trudy is the other sister.  She is just so sweet and a follower.  She just follows Mabel around like a puppy.  They are always together.  When we first got them, we had two Red Stars, gold comet (who was named Red because of her color)  and Climb the Orpington.  It was the reds against the Orpinton.  Then we lost Red and gained two additional Orpintons and the odds changed to the Orpintons favor.  This made the two sisters even closer.  She was the first to be held and seems to like it the most.

Trudy from


Chaos and Havoc are the two other Orpintons that came to us at the end of last summer.  My son says he just instantly knew they were trouble makers.  Chaos is our fatty.  She is the first to go after the treats and tries to chase everyone away.  We recently put in a new toy for the girls.  A water bottle drilled with holes and filled with “chicken crack.”  The object is to roll it around and the seeds will drop out.  So far she is the only to figure this game out.  Luckily she shares some of the treats that come out of the bottle.

Chaos from


Havoc and Chaos were actually kinda mean when they first got here.  They just took over the roost so to speak.  But Havoc has chilled out and made friends.  She likes to just hang out and stay out of everyone’s way.  She is another sweetie.

Havoc, an Orpinton on

Big Tex, the Yorkie:

Ok, he isn’t a girl and he isn’t a chicken, just don’t tell him that.  Actually I don’t know what he thinks he is.  He might think he is a rooster.  We know he likes to be a bossy butt.  He chases our 40 pound mixed breed out the door by barking and snipping at him.  He also rounds up the chickens and gets them out the door when they sneak in. He howls when the phone rings and barks when the door bell rings.  Basically, he runs the house.

Big Tex, A Yorkie on

Big Tex is actually the “Granddog”  Our daughter moved back home for a short time and couldn’t take him with her when she moved back out.  That was fine because he really adores my wife most of all.  If she isn’t around he likes me.  Next on the totem pole is my son and finally my poor daughter.

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