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Well, actually this is about Doug, my husband and the owner of this blog.  I told him he needed to write this page and he just flat out refused.  Silly man, that means I am going to write it and I will get to tell you all about him.

Well, where shall I begin?  I call him my renaissance man.  He is into everything.  A jack of all trades if you will.  We can go to a convention of any sort and talk to the expert of a company. I promise you he will have a question that no one has every asked and no one can answer.  He is very inquisitive.  Does he know everything?  No.  Does he pretend to know everything… not a chance.  But he does love to research and experiment and try things out.  He loves to ask questions.

I have to tell you, he is very handy to have around.  If he can learn to do it, he will.  If he can find a way to make it, he will.  Will it look pretty?  Well, that depends on the project.  He completely remodeled our master bathroom and it is stunningly beautiful.

The projects that he does in the backyard he tries to do without spending a penny more than possible.  He uses leftover wood and supplies as well as found objects when possible. So if you are looking for a blog to make your house and yard drop dead beautiful…Click on.  You probably won’t find it here.  But if you are frugal.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make something, you might find something here.

We have been married 33 years.  Have two grown kids.  We have lived in our house for 30 years (pay it off this year, Yay!)  He does stained concrete while I run the office and watch the chickens out my home office (another project he built)  window.  Thank you sweetie.

He was very involved in Boy Scouts while my son was growing up.  He sails on our 26 foot sail boat with his best friend and our son.  He is goofy with the granddog, the yorkie, Big Tex who happens to  live with us.  I think those are the basics.  Hope to learn about you…….

Gwampa this game is boring

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